In 2018, the AAUW-TO branch sent eleven very lucky 7th-grade girls, from local public schools, to our AAUW Tech Trek Summer (STEM) Camp in Santa Barbara. Our Branch is supporting at $900 per camper.

Help us make it possible for more girls

to attend the 2019 Tech Trek Camp

Your donations for the Tech Trek program are 100 percent tax deductible.


Direct your donations to the UCSB camps, either Hypatia or Blackwell.

  Link soon to be active.


Since 1998 AAUW Tech Trek camps have been designed to help girls continue their interests in science, math, engineering & technology (STEM) exploration and learning, through the tricky years when new distractions enter their lives. Studies have shown that girls’ interests can be sustained if they are exposed to the careers available to women in science today. Also, a week’s stay on an exciting college campus helps girls picture themselves on such a campus and visualize college in their future. This is especially important for girls whose family members have not gone to college or university.

See “Why So Few”, a recent AAUW study: