Interest Groups

One of the privileges of Branch membership is the opportunity to participate in one or more of our special interest groups. Any member is welcome to join as many as are of interest. If you would like to initiate a new interest group, click here to send an e-mail message to Pat O’Donnell prior to the 10th of the month preceding your event. It will be listed in the following month’s website update and monthly Oaktwig bulletin to advertise and recruit members who would like to help start or join the new group.

Following is an overview of each Special Interest Group. For more detail, click the menu tab above for the specific group you are interested in seeing.

Coffee and Chat
The Coffee and Chat group meets the 1st Saturday of every month at 9:00am at the Stella’s Gourmet Restaurent, 2385 Michael Drive, Newbury Park. This is a very pleasant way to get acquainted and stay connected. We hope you will be able to join us. For further information, click here to contact Pat O’Donnell or Sally Hibbitts.

Daytime Literature Group
We invite you to join us for a lively discussion generally held on the 4th Monday of each month at 10:00 AM at the Thousand Oaks Library. Click on the title of this section for specific information about what this group will be doing. For more information click here to contact the group leader, Joan Udani.

Dreamers Support
This group helps to support undocumented high school students in the Conejo Valley in developing their leadership skills, reaching their dreams of a higher education, and finding safe spaces in our community. Associated with these benefits are providing opportunities for these students and our members to learn more about immigrant rights and resources, developing coping skills, and forming strong connections with each other. We are building more Unity in our Community.

Evening Literature Group
The Evening Literature Group meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM at members’ homes. Everyone is welcome. Click on the title of this section for specific information about what this group will be doing. For more information click here to contact Ellen Kossoris or Sharon Dyer.

Exploring Religions of the World thru the Eyes of Women
The Exploring Religions Group meets 3 or 4 times over the year in a member’s home. Each time we meet our hope is to invite a woman with a particular religious background to facilitate an open and non-judgmental discussion with the group. If you would like to participate or make suggestions please contact Wendy Hoffman or Jeanette Hosek.

Happy Hikers
If you are interested in hiking please send your email address and other contact information to Judy Gindi. We usually hike approximately 3 miles at a gentle to moderate pace. I will email you as to when our next hike will be. Please let me know if you would like to lead a hike also.

Laundromats and Literacy
“Laundromats and Literacy” is a Community Outreach project to promote literacy and early reading skills to those families who use our local laundromats. We will be providing a reading corner with some donated books. This will be an easy outreach, once it gets established and one that really will help our littlest residents. It is doubtful that meetings of this group will occur and most organizing will be done through email. Come and join in this wonderful new endeavor. It is modeled after a similar AAUW program in North Carolina.

Movie Ladies Group
The Group meets mid month on a date all are available usually in the late afternoon, to see current movies at local theaters. We often gather after the movie to discuss it over coffee. Husbands/partners are invited to join us. Click here to contact the group leader, Linda Harley .

Museums and Gardens
This group visits a variety of local museums and gardens on a different day each month, depending upon the venue location and member availability. Group members will select venues and visit selected sites on weekdays or weekends, whichever is most convenient. If you’d like to take part, please click to contact the group leader, Pat O’Donnell or Sally Hibbitts.

Photography Group
This group meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10:00am. We are “budding” photographers who gather to learn about our digital cameras and how to take the “perfect” picture and have lots of fun along the way. Click to contact the group leader, Wendy Hoffman .

Singing in Community
We will learn to carry our parts and blend our voices in a future Conejo chapter of Threshold Choir. Threshold Choirs combine hospice with making music; see here for more information. We meet at Marjorie’s home in Newbury Park, most Fridays from 2:30 for a couple of hours.